Sunday, December 03, 2006



I have spent all evening turning one of mum's beautiful jewelled scarves into a cloak for a Wise Man which, together with the "brightly coloured plain top, and black or brown (we have gone for black) trousers" will complete F's costume for the Christmas play, '' - A is taking part in the same production and, much to her disgust, has been cast as an angel. Her class has been divided along gender lines, the boys playing stars, and the girls, angels. Naturally, A wanted to be a star... To appease her, I have managed to borrow an angel costume which is much more tabard than dress, AND has a silver star on the front, and she looks VERY cute all togged up. I will, of course, be taking photos - the performances are next week.

My sis came for lunch today, and I completely forgot to get the camera out - duh! She entertained (or was entertained by!) the girls whilst I went to band practice this afternoon, as Ed had some stinky work work to do. He's just packing up his laptop as I write...too much at the weekend.

Have also made a sweet potato and pumpkin soup this evening, in between stitches, in preparation for a visit tomorrow from one of my scrapping friends. juliab (formerly Jay Jay) on UKS has been visiting a very good friend of hers who lives in the same village, and so she is going to come for lunch tomorrow on her way home. Looking forward very much to seeing her.

As promised, another of my favourite carols, for your enjoyment:


Peace out, dudes!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

*Christmas carols*


So, advent has begun, and at lunchtime today, the Wychavon Student Wind Band had its first public outing, playing outside the church Christmas fayre for an hour and a half. It was really good fun, and I had forgotten how much of a buzz I get from playing in a group, in public. Here is the evidence - note, it is impossible to look remotely cool or attractive whilst playing the clarinet!!!


I am hopelessly ill-prepared for Christmas, thus far. I have not bought a single present, and I have yet to shop for Ed's birthday on December 12th. I'm not worrying about it, though - it will all come together, I'm sure.

Managed to collect my sis from the airport on Friday without delay or incident. It is fantastic to have her back at home; she is coming over for lunch tomorrow, so I will have to take some crafty shots of her to blog tomorrow evening!!

Just about to make another couple of carrot cakes, one for us and one for wind band rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. I'm taking bets on how long we'll last before we're well and truly sick of it - everyone's enjoying it at the moment, but I might have to start spicing up the recipe with some secret ingredients.

Anyway, every post between now and Christmas Day, I am going to try and upload a suitably seasonal picture, taken from images found on the great www. - I really liked the photo at the top, of the wreath against a pink door. Will also try and post the sheet music to a Christmas song or carol, just for fun!