Saturday, March 31, 2007

*welcome home, wellllllcome!*

Ahhhh, it's good to be back. I haven't actually *been* anywhere, but it's funny, the longer you leave it without making a blog post, the harder it is to come back to it. Can I even remember what I'm doing when it comes to producing an interesting, thought-provoking (?), slice-of-life-type of post? You will have to be the judge. It is far too long since the last post to even contemplate blogging the minutiae of the past *shhhh* 6 weeks, but I sneakily thought I'd get a post in today so that my archive for March wouldn't be invisible!!!

So, just a quickie this evening; the girls spent a fab couple of hours with E at the Spring/Easter Fayre at the village hall and playing field, and enjoyed face painting, egg painting, egg hunting, 'guess the number of eggs in the jar' (which F won, much to their mutual delight, and no doubt Poppa's as well, as we now have more than enough eggs for our own hunt on Easter Sunday!!), and 'guess the name of the bunny'! A couple of photos from today; when I'm not blogging I don't take nearly as many photographs as when I am, and now that the weather is so much improved, and, fingers crossed, will remain so, the camera will be coming out every day.


Not a great photo, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to get A to stay still for a photo - she seems to be on the move ALL the time!!


Miss F, quietly but determinedly finding and gathering up eggs during the hunt!

Will be back tomorrow; if you're still with me, thank you for visiting :)


Maria said...

Yay, you're back.

Love the look of determination on F's face and A is so cute with her pixie haircut.

Happy Sunday xxx

suebaru said...

Woohooo!! So so glad you are back, I miss your gorgeous photos!Love those girls in their Crocs!

Kirsty said...

i dont believe it

PG said...

hey, I almost texted you as I was a bit worried - good to have you back, come over when the Easter hols are over and we'll go to the woods again.