Thursday, February 01, 2007

*photos, and some crafting...*


So, I decided I was going to have a bit of a play/experiment today, and made these fabric brooches, which I'm actually quite pleased with. I've got five more ready to make up, but I've run out of brooch pins, so I'm just going to have to wait to finish them. Any constructive criticism would be very gratefully received!

In other news (!!), A shares a birthday at the end of Feb with her classmate, B - so yesterday, I photographed the two of them for the invitations for their joint party - what a hoot!! The theme of their party is 'princesses and pirates', hence the headgear, and they were laughing so much I just kept on snapping. They then proceeded to laugh even more on reviewing the photos I'd taken. I let them choose their favourite for the invitation, and this was the one they chose:


I then spent a not inconsiderable amount of time last night making their invitations, and, big relief, they've all gone out today. Just got to worry about small things like party bags and game prizes now...

Whilst A was at a party on Saturday, F went for a walk with her daddy and the dog, and E managed to get some very moody photographs - the sky was a superb palette of greys and blues, although the greys are dominant in this photo:


Love the contrast with the earthy tones of the field.


Maria said...

I love the brooches you clever thing.

There was me thinking that A would be the princess - Tee hee. That photo is fab and they look like they are having fun.

Lovely piccie of Miss F with the moody sky xxx

Ali said...

Your brooches look fabby. Very springlike and cheerful.

And that invitation picture is great too!

Charlotte said...

Those brooches are so so pretty you little clever trevor xx

Debbie said...

Oooh no criticism of those badges darl' ... they're delish!
Love the pic of the princes and that gorgeous lil' pirate ... now do we get to see what you did for the invite? heehee.

suebaru said...

Love the invitiation photo and the one of Freya with your doggy!Brooches?You are too clever!

edwaado said...

That pic is looking a bit washed out, here's a better version


Cath said...

Awww i bet the invites are fabulous cause the photo certainly is!
The pictures are stunning, and love the brooches!

Shirley said...

Those brooches are fabbaroonie!

scrapdolly said...

Love the brooches Jo - so innovative too
I love that picture of them - what a great photo for an invitation too

Glittery Katie said...

Gorgeous badges- love them LOADS!!!
That's a serious sky in your piccie there!!
*waves* hello Jo :O)

Spice said...

Totally awesome brootches!

domestic goddess said...

gorgoeus brooches Jo

trish xxx said...

Jo your brooches are gorgeous hun :o)

gorgeous photo for the invites too xxx