Saturday, February 10, 2007

*snowy week!*

Phew! It's nearly all gone now, but we've had a fair old dump of snow this week, along with a good proportion of the rest of the country. It meant that the girls have had an extra two days tagged on to their half-term holiday next week, not that I'm complaining about that, it's been lovely to have them at home. Ask me whether I'm still feeling like this a week tomorrow!!! They've had great fun out in the snow, building snowmen and throwing snowballs to their hearts' content. I did venture out briefly to take some photos, but the novelty soon wore off, and the colder my feet got, the more I wanted to be back in the warm!!


This was Snowman Mark I and was made without any help in our back garden.


A's Mark II version, made with a little assistance in Grandma and Grandad's garden.


F's Mark II version, again, in Grandma and Grandad's garden.

The promise of a day off from school yesterday brought a request for a sleepover on Thursday evening - not to have a friend to stay, just for F to be allowed to sleep in A's room! We didn't think there was much chance of them lasting longer than about half an hour because we thought they would keep each other awake. They knew that if there was any nonsense, F would be moved back to her room, and this was the sight that greeted us when we checked on them, all appearing to be quiet:


They were so good we let them do the same last night, although this time in F's bedroom!!!

Was relieved to read that my SOSF Valentine parcel arrived safely with Sarah - it's always a bit of a worry sending stuff off across the pond, but thankfully it arrived in good time, and was well received.

And finally, for now, a layout. I have been a very infrequent scrapper of late, but have done a layout for my UKScrappers team's forthcoming weekly challenge, which I believe will be posted on the UKS home page from Monday, for a week. As it is Valentine's week, we decided that the theme was to be based around 'love' and had to include hearts and at least four different patterned paper scraps - no breaking into new sheets!! I had a short deadline, so stuck to a very simple design, and added text to the photo in Photoshop to save time.


Happy blogging!


edwaado said...

Sorry, the vanilla sky is my fault, bit over enthusiastic with the white balance controls!

Maria said...

Your snow pics are fab and they look frozen.

Love the picture of them sleeping they look so cute.

Fab layout too xxx

suebaru said...

Love the sleeping photos and all your snowmen!
So pleased you are scrapping!

Paula Sealey said...

Snowman Mark is great Jo, it must have taken ages to build him!

I love those brooches in your last post too, so pretty!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Fantastic snow people! A wee bit jealous as we have not had even a hint of the white stuff this far south :(

domestic goddess said...

wow to your snowmen, i am not showing my 2 these photos or they will get snowmen envy!
so good to see you scrapping hun
anna x

Cath said...

Wow, that big snowman is amazing! We only had enough snow for a mini one!
Gorgeous pictures of the girls and love the layout. I'm an infrequent scrapper of late too but trying to rectify it!

Annette said...

Oh honey your blog is so lovely. Full of positive stuff and gorgeous photos :) ps. What's SOSF? xoxox

Debbie said...

Hullo darlin' ...for once I am grateful you haven't been updating frequently so i am nicely caught up on your news! Loving all the snowmen ... but especially love those funky coloured wellies I see on lil' feet!!! Aw bless those little sleeping angels .. hope the 2nd sleepover was as successful!
Take care hun

Kirsty said...

hell fire woman - you sure know how to publish a masso post. My eyes are smarting.
And Edwaardo darling - WB on overcast days and snow is a freaking nightmare. This is where a grey card would come in handy. Like I know what Im talking about but thats what I hear. yawn.
anyway - loves this post - do it more often polease and I still love A's hair xx