Monday, January 07, 2008

nice and gently back to school...

Ahhh, a nice smooth re-entry for the three of us, back to the world of school this morning. I have been working at the girls' school since September as a SEN teaching assistant, and it is fantastically rewarding, but very time-consuming in terms of all the stuff I do for school in my own time. I'm really enjoying it, though, and my little charges seemed pleased to see me today after their Christmas break.

Will be back tomorrow with some up-to-date photos of my two blondies; my littler blondie has decided that she no longer wishes to play rugby on a Sunday morning - I can't say I blame her, she was the only girl amongst a pack of unruly 6 and 7 year-old boys who made no concession for the fact that she wasn't a bruiser like most of them, and she now wants to do rock ballet with her big sister on a Saturday morning instead! I'm all for it; she seems to be realising that it's OK to have short hair, to like pirates, cars, rockets, not to want to wear pink, and STILL be a girl. Hoorah! She gave the boy thing a go, but I think she's happier in her XX skin.

Night, night!


PG said...

Hey, you are back! I have missed you. When I get over my snuffling self pity I will mail properly, though it sounds as if your lfe has been more exciting than mine. Rock ballet! say hello to the girls for me, there was a beagle hunt loose in the woods last weekend, mayhem, good job they weren't there then.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ms A is finding her place in the world. I always had short hair as a child.

Rock ballet sounds like fun.

Happy Tuesday

Maria xxx

suebaru said...

Rock ballet?! Now that does sound cool!