Tuesday, January 08, 2008

the reluctant dog...

Rudi is getting a big long in the tooth now - she was 12 in December, which makes her some ridiculous age like 84 and a half in dog years! She just can't be bothered with photo shoots and posing these days, witness these shots taken this afternoon:

She's not the most animated of subjects, is she??!!!

Girlies were in full pose mode this afternoon:

I took delivery of a few books bought on eBay today, so I'm going to spend my evening with my head in a book - there's absolutely nothing on the television these days, it seems - unless anyone has any recommendations?!!



Paula Sealey said...

Awww, look at Rudi's eyes, soo cute!

I agree, nothing whatsoever on the tv!!

Maria said...

Poor Rudi doesn't look at all impressed there. Although, she reminds me of Puss in boots from Shrek with those big ole eyes.

Totally agree about about the tv being a load of rubbish.

Happy Wednesday xxx

Jen said...

I, for one, missed you terribly. I gave up coming cos you didn't update!! LOL Are you ok? Do you want me to notice your weightloss? Cos I'm dead jealous, but I hope it's not due to ill health! My sis has lost about 20kgs in six months, and I said I'd join her and six months on I'm still a blimp :( So happy to see you again. Oh, and when I was little, I had short hair, loved cars and Action Man.... and being a girl :D

domestic goddess said...

wow missy you are looking HOT!!! so good to see you blogging again, hugs xxx

suebaru said...

Nope,you're missing nowt on the TV!!

Cath said...

So glad you're blogging again jo!
And can i just say, you really do look fabulous(as do the girlies!)
And bless your wee doggy. My dads doggy is 15 and really on his last legs, it's so sad :(

queenofstash said...

you are back! Missed you xx

(v cute girlies!!)

Ginger Claire said...

Hello Missy - another miss you from me. You are looking stunning as are your beautiful girls and of course Rudi xxx