Wednesday, January 24, 2007

*impromptu photo shoot!!*

Not really a photo shoot, but I've realised that when we can't get outside as regularly at this time of year as we do in the spring/summer time, I don't take nearly as many photographs, and I'm going to try and remedy that, because I don't want there to be chunks of time with no photographic representation. I called an impromptu photo shoot in A's room this afternoon after school, and got an enthusiastic response, which isn't always guaranteed!! The girls are used to me sticking a camera in front of them, and most of the time they're prepared to be photographed, but occasionally they're just not in the mood, and really, who can blame them?! A was reluctant to let go of her sucky this afternoon, grubby old thing that it is:


She was quite prepared to pose with it, though!!

F was all smiles and grins this afternoon; she is enjoying school very much at the moment - long may it continue - and came home today full of enthusiasm about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Her teacher this year is absolutely fantastic, and seems to fire the children's imagination at every turn. F is a different child this year, and it really shows.


We decided, the three of us girls this evening, that, as it is so cold and dark outside, we would have a carpet picnic for the girls' tea. Now that they are having a hot meal at school at lunchtime, a new departure this term, they don't seem to need as much in the evenings, so today's offering was a very healthy plate of olives, red and yellow peppers, carrot sticks, tomatoes, apple, cheese and hard boiled eggs, cut into quarters. They wolfed it down - I wish I'd taken a 'before' and 'after' photo, because I thought I'd done too much, but it all disappeared!

I leave you this evening with a fave from today, taken on A's bed, mid-loon!!


Night, all!


Kirsty said...

you A suits her hair like that and F is turning into a stunner

Maria said...

Fab photos Chick and F is really growing up.

Loving A's hair it really does suit her and must be so much easier.

I remember having to do two 'dos' every morning and be out for school it takes forever xxx

domestic goddess said...

your girls are so beautiful :)
lovely photos

Debbie said...

Oh WOW what delish photo Jo! Your beauticul girlies have the MOST amazing eyes!!

Debbie said...

Typo correction list ....

Debbie said...

OK so that didn't work ... I give up it's been a long day....

suebaru said...

Gorgeous photos and sounds like the pinic went down well!

PG said...

A's hair makes them look like brother and sister, bless!
Jo, forgive me, I got tagged against my will and I am passing it on to you...I'm sure you've seen it already, I've posted my list on my blog...feel free to decline.

Cath said...

They're gorgeous!