Wednesday, January 03, 2007

*short-haired daughter, and the eve of my 35th...*

...birthday!!! Yes, tomorrow I will be 'celebrating' my 35th birthday. Still don't really feel grown up - I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not. I have no idea what I'm getting for my birthday - Ed has been suspiciously silent on the subject, and hasn't asked for any ideas.

Onto something completely different, and the news that A finally has the short hair cut that she had been nagging me about for ages - I took her to my hairdresser just before Christmas, and after we'd both counselled her extensively, and had assurances from her that yes, this really was what she wanted, he went for the chop!! She is delighted with the outcome; a couple of days before, she went to a birthday party, and had asked me to try and make her hair into a 'boy' style; this was the best I could do - not a great effort, but her hair was too long to do much else:


Not terribly impressed, as you can probably tell!!!

Anyway, this is 'after', and I still don't think she could look less like a boy, but she is very pleased with it, as are we, and I think it suits her:


I had made a search of the internet before going to the hairdresser, having it in mind to take along some photos of little girls with similar styles so that Stephen would have some idea as to what she wanted. It appears that, amongst little girls of A's age, having such short hair is virtually unheard of. Indeed, one of the mums at school asked me (jokingly) whether she'd had head lice and I just couldn't be bothered to deal with them!!! And several people have said "is that what she wanted?" - no, I am a cruel mother, who is happy for one daughter to have long hair, but not the other... I ask you! Anyway, we are happily indulging the 'boy' phase at the moment; I have tried explaining to her that there is nothing a boy can do that a girl can't do (with the possible exception of peeing standing up - but I don't want to put that into her head...), and that there is, therefore, no need to be a boy, but she is adamant that that is what she wants to be. A boy called George.

Will leave you with this photo of A, Rudi and F, taken a couple of days ago in front of a roaring fire. I am very pleased to report that, despite having been quite poorly in the week before Christmas, Rudi is now fighting fit, and her legs, whilst not quite back to their old selves, are certainly a lot more useful than they were. She almost has a spring in her step again.



beki said...

I think her new hair do is just adorable! I think I want *my* hair like that.

PG said...

Actually, to me (not looking at her with 'mum' eyes), she does look exactly like a nice little boy! Her hair is MUCH swankier than mine was at her age, I had mine short too, but my dad dictated what it should be (and it was his idea!)I do sympathise with the wanting to be a little boy, tip from an old hand - wearing a cap enhances the boyish look. A baker boy one, or something trendy, I think Topshop sell them.

Anyway, happy birthday you, and so good to 'see' you around again!

Maria said...

She looks so cute and it really highlights her eyes.

I had short hair when I was small but nowhere near as stylish as that.

I'd have my hair like that if I didn't think it would look like a beachball stuck on an oxo cube. Gonna go shorter when I'm all slim and shiny.

Happy birthday for tomorrow Chick xxx

tlawwife said...

It is so cute on her. I must agree with pg that she does look like a boy so she has succeeded. I had short hair as a child but it was the kind that looked like there was a bowl on the head. Happy Birthday!

Maria said...

Just popped in to say Happy Birthday and I'm so pleased Rudi is feeling better.

Kirsty said...

i think she/he looks adorable (tee hee)
my sister was the tomboy of our family and had short hair for years and people used to think she was a boy.
so what?
at least she knows what she wants at such a young age.
i lubs her

Em said...

She, or should that be he, looks fab! I love kids who know their own mind.

Caz said...

Oh that hairstyle is fantastic and it so suits George!! lol, she is priceless!! Happy Birthday hun!

Anonymous said...

Looks a little boyish to me but if it's what she wants, no problem. Just wish I could get my sister to do that with my nephew's hair. He's five as a shoulder-blade-length bob. Totally mistaken for a girl regardless of what he wears. And since my sister really wanted a girl lots of his clothes are pretty gender-iffy as well.

I know he'd love to have that haircut!