Sunday, January 14, 2007

*a quick jaunt around YouTube...*

The main purpose of this post is to see whether I have worked out how to insert a YouTube broadcast into a blog entry - mundane, I know, but having spent FAR too much time last night hopping around YouTube, it occurred to me that, in keeping with several fellow bloggers, if I find any gems I ought to share them. The first offering is a piece that began doing the rounds ages ago, and I'm sure most people will already have seen it, but if it's been a while, it certainly stands up to a second viewing. Evolution of Dance:

Yay! Just looked at the preview, and it appears to be working!! OK, indulge me a second while I just post a few more. Once the novelty has worn off, I promise I'll limit the amount I post - you are not, of course, obliged to click on any of the links!! Real life Simpsons intro:

I know this is juvenile, nay infantile in the extreme, but I miss this:

And finally, for today, some ER out-takes:

More inconsequential ramblings later today, with a proper catch-up and some photographs!!


Maria said...

What are you like Miss RudiJoanna?

You can't beat a good old surf for a bit of a giggle xxx

suebaru said...

Oooh, does this mean you are back blogging again? I miss you!

Debbie said...

inconsequential ramblings are my favourite kind of posts ... teehee ... have had a good giggle.. thanks Missus!

Jen said...

Sooooo cool! I have sent that Simpsons one to DD - she watches it just for the intro ;)