Saturday, November 11, 2006

*chicken stock...*


...STINKS!!! Seriously, I have just, for the first time, made a pan of proper chicken stock using the bones and carcass left over from our roast this evening, and it whiffs. It's not a totally unpleasant smell, but it hangs heavy in the old nasal passages!! I have been poring over Lindsey Bareham's 'A Celebration of Soup', and many of the recipes advocate, nay insist on the use of proper stock as the basis for the soups. I know it makes sense, but it doesn't half pong!!! (That's a technical term, by the way...)

Just a short post tonight; it's way past midnight, and I should be tucked up in bed.


Jennie said...

I agree it stinks, and is never boiled in this household!!

It's vegetable stock, all the way for us! Yep we are true vegetarians. There's nothing like a good leek and mushroom stock boiling away! LOL!! It certainly smells delicious.

Ali said...

Smelly, but worth it. Although I have to say that those tubs of fresh stock from the chiller section of the supermarket are pretty good too (but hugely expensive if you're making a big vat of soup).

Maria said...

Ooh, get you and your domestic godessness. Very stinky but so worthwhile.

Have a fabbie weekend xxx

PG said...

Oh I don't know, I never noticed it ponged - maybe our house is pongy anyway...when I make it I keep it in a tall jar, the fat settles on top and makes a natural cap, and I keep it in the fridge of course, it lasts for ages. (Probably best not consumed by elderly people, children or pregnant ladies).

Kirsty said...

i know its wholesome but you know - chicken oxo is just as effective and less wiffy.

I make onion soup for ellie and you know its just the best;

fry tonnes of onions in butter, a drop of sherry, a dash balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt and pepper. we tried just a wee smatterill of cinnamon in it and it was lush (am going to try cumin next).
sweat it all out and when suitable cooked (but not browned) add lots of vegetable oxo stock (vary the amount depending on number of servings and whilst the whole soup is simmmering (and I simmer it for 2 hours) break up a chicken oxo into it.
Season to tase as you go along.

this onion soup keeps for two days and tastes better on the secpnd day. Ellie polished the lot off and makes you house smell so wonderful too (and not chicken stock stinky!)

Roz Roz said...

yuk yuk yuk, use and oxo cube in future, mwahahaha

Paula said...

I tried making my own stock once, never again! I buy the tubs in the supermarket, they're much better quality now!

suebaru said...

And that is why my mum always gets given our chicken 'remains' to cook up!!Not that I've actually tried it myself, I'm sooo un-domesticated!