Thursday, November 02, 2006

*cold and frosty morning*

Brrrrr. This post is especially for my ma and pa, who yesterday jetted off to Australia for a month. It is literally freezing here now - you got away just in time!!! This morning, the grass was crunchy, the breath hung heavy in the air, and everything was crisp and bitingly fresh. Quite exhilarating, actually, but bl**dy cold!! We had to break out the hats, scarves and gloves from their box in the garage - I was impressed at how easy it was to put my hands on a full set: I must be getting tidier in my old age!


Crunching patterns in the grass was a lot of fun, although it meant that A went to school with damp feet, and blowing warm breath in to the cold air was a novelty. If you look really hard, you can just about see the breath!


Forgot to say yesterday that we took delivery of our first organic fruit and veg box, and it was absolutely brill. Potatoes, leeks, celeriac, carrots, savoy cabbage, winter salad leaves, a cucumber, tomatoes, onions, a yellow pepper, mushrooms, apples, oranges and bananas. I am sure it is enough for a week; I have the option to order 'extras' of all sorts of things, so I may add in some more potatoes, but I'll see how we get on with our first lot. It's very exciting, and is making me think a lot more about what I cook.


toya said...

the weather totally changed on us here in philly today, we had great weather all week, then a cold front came in, love the girls pink hats, they are just toooo cute

Maria said...

Brrr, tis chilly down here too. My girlies love playing dragons breath too.

Loving the baker boy hats xxx

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Proper autumn weather here in Plymouth too - although the frost melted at first light. Yarrow makes me play Jack Frost on the way to school now it's getting nippier :D

Kirsty said...

your girls look too cute, i cant take it!!

Hope to see some lovely winter warmer recipes with your veggies

amber jane said...

oooh I love organic veggies - my Auntie grows them :) and it was down to minus 4 at one point here !! Brrrrrrr !

Ann(i)e said...

your girls are always so darn cute!!
all that pumpkin looks so good!!!

Roz Roz said...

I swear to god, those girls can't get any cuter.