Saturday, November 04, 2006

*fireworks and glow sticks!*

fireworks 3

*not taken by me!!* Taken from here

Had a great evening at the village firework display last night; it was very fresh, but we wrapped up, and, apart from the feet getting a little numb from standing still watching the fireworks, we were just fine. The girls had a fantastic time, running around with their friends, munching on hotdogs, and waving glow sticks: glow sticks are the new sparklers. Sparklers were strictly off-limits, but in all honesty, the kids seemed to have just as much fun with the glow sticks, without the attendant hazards of burnt fingers and pokes in the eye. My efforts at photographing the fireworks were woeful, and certainly not good enough to share!! I take my hat off to photographers of fireworks - it is no mean feat!!

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from last night, wide eyes and cold cheeks!



Ed and I sampled the joys of IKEA this evening; the girls are at grandma and grandad's for the night, and we have rearranged their rooms with new cabin beds, and canopies over. Freya's is a sort of princess theme, and Anja's is more knights and nature - it's what she wanted!! They won't be properly finished until we give each room a lick of paint, but I think we've done enough to guarantee two very excited little girls upon their return tomorrow. Can't wait to see their faces!!


Debbie said...

Oh My Jo ... I love those pics of your girlies and the funky coloured clothing they're wearing .. just too YUMMY! Their bedrooms sound gorgeous ... looking forward to seeing pics of their happy little faces when they get to see them.

Have a happy sunday darl'

Joanne Bain said...

I have just come across your blog thought I would pop in and say HI! Your daughters are just gorgeous.
Have a great day

Maria said...

Loving those piccies of the girls but not so in love with the joy that is Ikea.

Bedrooms sound lovely and I'm sure they will love them xxx

Cath said...

Glad you had good fun. The girls look gorgeous as ever!!

tlc illustration said...

I suspect, when they see their new bedrooms, that their faces will look a great deal like these darling photos! A way to a girl's heart is through her fairytale bedroom, yes?

Mr. Rudishoes said...

And I had some perfectly servicable firework pictures here ! (Same place but last year)