Thursday, November 30, 2006

*normal service resumes!!*

Good evening, peeps :) - yes, I'm back, after a self-imposed absence from being online - just needed a little time away from the computer, but now I am back and raring to blog!! Just to reassure any of my buds who may have been worrying that I'd fallen into a black hole, here I am, larking about last week taking self-portraits in the mirror:


And, especially for Charlotty, a cheery photo of the little beans:


So, I feel like I've been haring around all over the place over the past couple of weeks. Have been in school a lot, performing various governor duties, been on a school trip, have cooked lots (although managed to avoid any caterpillars that may have been lurking), perfected my carrot cake (one in the oven as I type), shopped for a couple of advent swaps in which I'm taking part (yay - first parcel opening tomorrow!!), rehearsed with the wind band (playing Christmas carols at the village fête on Saturday)...I could go on - but I won't!!! BUT!!! The biggest excitement of all, and something that I haven't dared to go on about before now, because I just didn't ever think it would happen, is that my little sister, who has spent the past 6 years living in Sydney, is coming home for good tomorrow! I am collecting her from the airport tomorrow morning - her flight lands at 11.40, and we are all extremely excited! I have just about managed to keep a lid on my own emotions, for the sake of the girls, so that they didn't get too wound up, but now, knowing that I will see her in approximately 12 hours, I am beside myself!! I will try and take photos tomorrow at the airport (through a haze of salt water, prob'ly)

By way of a wonderful diversion, I spent a good chunk of the middle of the day today with another friend I've made through the www. world of blogging - I had placed an order for Christmas cards with Gretel, and since she is only 35 minutes away, I went and picked them up, rather than have them posted to me. We went for a fab walk in some of the beautiful West Oxfordshire woodland, and then came back to homemade soup, and some of my carrot cake. A perfect way to spend a late morning and early afternoon. Had I not had to rush back to collect the chicklets from school, I could have happily spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to Gretel. A good friend.

And finally, thank you for coming back - I am going to try and get round my regular reads over the next couple of days, and catch up with everyone's news.


Kirsty said...

(thank F*** for that)
Missed you terribly, me old fruit.
Ive seen gretel and her house on her blog. am i to assume that she is the illsutrator.
**envy of illustrative friendlets. infact envious of anyone with freinds ;)**

PG said...

Jo, I am such an antisocial dolt, I was so busy yakking about myself I didn't even ask about your sister, (Andy later asked me what Ed does and I felt so ashamed that I hadn't thought to enquire)
Please return next year,so that I can make conversational amends, and scrounge more delicous cake from you...

toya said...

I was like, "where did Joanna go" but I just thought you were on vacation or something, good to have you back

Maria said...

Yay, you're back and fingers crossed you're catching up with your sister now.

Lovely piccies and I'm still chuckling at Doris Morris xxx

charlotty said...

thank heavens :) what a lovely piccy, I'm all stocked up on Anja and Freya loveliness again!

suebaru said...

So fab to see you back! But we all need 'time out' now and again!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Great to see you back online. And fab news about your sis - very exciting!

scrapdolly said...

So good to have you back hun

and I shared Charlotty's joy at seeing the girls

I am so pleased your sister is coming home - you must be fit to burst xxx

Jennie said...

Just enjoyed 10 mins catching up with you chick. You hardly ever post on UKS now, so I miss what nyou are up to.

You must be so excited about your sister. I know if my brother returned for good, I would be beside myself, and not be ableto contain my emotions for some months!!

I do love that pic of your girls, and your eldest loks so like you!