Saturday, October 28, 2006

*beaded beauty!*

Yesterday morning, F went to play with one of her friends, so A and I needed something to do to occupy our time. The day before, A had found a hair beading kit given to F for one of her birthdays, some time ago, which we'd looked at, put away, and forgotten about. Anyway, we decided we'd give it a whirl, since one of A's best friends at school, Ben, is half-Jamaican and often has beads in his sweet little locks. Ever the sceptic, I didn't think it would work very well, as A's hair is very fine, and my experience of kits like this is that the pictures on the box paint a misleadlingly optimistic picture of how easy it is going to be to do, and how good the results are going to be!! I have to confess to being pleasantly surprised; it was dead easy to do, and the results weren't at all bad! A was absolutely delighted, and kept going to check on the overall 'look' after the addition of each string of beads. Of course, she now wants me to put them in for school on Monday; not sure how well that will go down! Just a few photos from yesterday:




Have a great weekend, all!


Maria said...

Oh they do look purty - Love her litle face.

Followed your ethical lead and investigated fruit and veg boxes. Realised we used to use the people that Ali posted a link to.

Anyhoo, remembered my neighbours have a box delivery and discoverd it is all grown just a few miles away.

Think I might give it a whirl as we often reminisce about our lovely box when trudging round Tescos xxx

toya said...

wow, these photos are awesome, I love the beads in her hair, love that

greyparrot said...

lol that last photo is fab!

tlawwife said...

It looks like the beads fit her personality very well, Bright and cheery. Great Pics

Jen said...

Doesn't she look HAPPY?! Bless her. Love the beads :)

suebaru said...

Oh , look at her face! Gorgeous pics!

jake said...

Aw..... CUTE!!!!!

JessnBekahsmom said...

Such beautiful blue eyes! What a cutie!