Tuesday, October 03, 2006


harvest basket

*edited to say - this is NOT our basket!!!*

Not much to report this evening...we had parents' evening for both girls tonight, and had good reports for both of them. Such a relief. Harvest Festival tomorrow morning, so I've been assembling two harvest baskets today for distribution tomorrow to the 'old folk' in the village. I wouldn't say they're needy - it's customary to have to dodge a BMW or two on the way to the front door of a lot of our village elders, but I think it's a good tradition for the children to continue, and it means I get to be a little wicked in my choice of fillers for the baskets!!!

I got notification that my Crocs have been dispatched by first class post today, so I am keeping everything crossed for a delivery tomorrow. On my travels around various Crocs sites yesterday, I found some more must-haves for my wish list. I absolutely love the new Mary Janes; here they are in all their pinkness:

crocs mary janes

Aren't they yum? I'm going to see if my friend in the States will pick up a pair for me before she comes over in December, as they are much cheaper over there. As usual, we get ripped off in this country, as with everything!!


Kirsty said...

i want crocs and I want them now.

Bwah :(

Im toying with turqouise as pink is like ... ooooh so last saturday but I believe will come around again on thursday!

Roz Roz said...

OH can't believe Stinky's comments she's only saying that cause I've got pink ones, mwahahahahahaha. Love the Mary Jane ones, they are going on my wish list too, how perfect are they for summer.

Is that your harvest basket in the pic, if so, I'm a very very old lady who needs one.

Maria said...

Do you know, I could be tempted by the Mary Janes they are rather cute.

Great news about parents evening xxx

debra said...

Unsure about the crocs, my harvest basket looks just like your photo (ha ha ha) and a belated happy birthday to your mum!!!!

toya said...

wow, those look really comfy!!!

Ann said...

I too need some turqoise ones, along with brown it is my autumn colours for this year!!

tlawwife said...

We used to give everyone our Doctor Martin order whenever they went to England because they were cheaper there. My husband and I were in England in 2002 and he is still wearing work boots he bought while we were there. We are so sorry they aren't still made in England because they are not as good now. Your daughter has gorgeous eyes.