Thursday, October 19, 2006

*girls' night in*

Ahhhh, catching up with an old friend... Have spent a lovely evening with my friend from school, Beck, who has come up from Wiltshire to stay with us for the night. We've had a proper girls' night in - take-away (tandoori king prawns - yum!), good telly (of which more in a mo) and easy chat. Beck and I have been friends since we started high school, pretty much, way, way back in 1983 *gulp* We have the sort of easy friendship where we can go a few months with absolutely no contact at all, and then pick up where we left off with no difficulty whatsoever. I blogged last month about our visit to Beck's for her Indian Summer party; she is a wonderful host and throws fantastic parties with amazing gourmet treats. I always feel as though she is slumming it when she comes to stay with us, because my cuisine just does not measure up!! Anyway, I took the easy option this evening, and had dinner delivered!

So, we watched the final episode in the current series of 'Extras' - what an absolute hoot this second series has been. I have found it both pant-wettingly, laugh-out-loud funny, and excruciatingly, head-under-the-covers cringeworthy - sheer brilliance! I will be first in line for the DVD when it is released, which will surely be this side of Christmas.



We then watched, at Beck's insistence, the second half of 'Ladette to Lady' - I'm not sure whether I approve of the premise, which seems to be to turn the spirited, lively, admittedly somewhat potty-mouthed 'ladettes' into 'ladies', by a process of (mostly) humiliation and constructive criticism. It's the final episode next week, which sees the contestants attempting to fool a panel of 'debutantes' (puh-lease) into believing they are 'one of them'. I don't know whether or not I'll be watching.

Next on my viewing agenda was 'Scrubs' - I just love the soft, quirky humour of this show. I find it a tonic - it's like someone is gently stroking your head for half an hour!


Thursday, 10pm, E4+1

And finally, the joy that is 'Kath & Kim'. This is one of my all-time favourite shows; again, it's gentle, harmless humour, but it's 'isterically funny!!

kath and kim

That was my night, bloggers; hope you've all had a good one!


Maria said...

It's so nice to catch up with old friends.

Love, love, love Scrubs and Kath and Kim xxx

Cath said...

OMG i just love em!
Look at me, look at me!!!! LOL