Thursday, October 12, 2006

*mmmmm, chocolate...*



I have been a little piggy this evening, and scoffed my way through a bar of Terry's chocolate orange; just a bar, mind you, not a whole 'tap it, and unwrap it' orange (although I could quite easily have wolfed one of those as well...) No, this was just the bar, and it was the best that our local Spar had to offer. But as I was sitting here, eating it, it got me to thinking how it was really a very poor substitute for my much preferred organic, dark chocolate from Green & Black's.


"A poor substitute..."

Any Green & Black's is scrummy, but my particular faves are the Maya Gold, and the Dark & Almond.

bar-maya-gold-100g-thumb bar-dark-almond-150g-thumb

"Particular faves..."

So, I pose the question, what is your chocolate of choice? And marks out of ten for the inconsequentiality of this post!!!


Maria said...

And my starter for ten on the subject of chocolate - yum yum!!!

I love the really dark bitter choccie but will eat pretty much any milk choccie. But, not that awful choccie flavour stuff - That is just wrong.

Ooh, not very keen on white choccie as it's too sickly for my delicate palete.

But, I lurve, lurve, lurve violet and rose creams - scrumdiddlyumptios.

Well, you did ask xxx

Ann said...

hmm, I am strange cos my fav is the Caramac bar, cheap and cheerful me - and anyway does that actually count as chocolate??

Must say though had G&B samples when I went to Proms in the Park last year and the orangy one was a bit nice :)

suebaru said...

Well, my fave was Nestle Double Cream but I don't think they make it anymore *sob* so, I'll go for Galaxy! Most definately not Cadburys in any shape or form!

Cath said...

Stop posting pictures of chocolates! Now i am in need!
My fave luxury choc is Thorntons vanilla truffles, shop choc would have to be a double decker!

Suzanne said...

Actually there are few things in life more important than chocolate so not a very inconsequential post at all (marks 0 out of 10, sorry!).

Fave chocolate .... love the Lindt little red balls whatever they are called, also the pistachio bars which is a bit of a bugger as Sainsburys have stopped stocking it and I don't know where else to buy it. Oh and Thorntons Viennese truffles (used to work there what a lucky girl was I?!)

For every day I like chewy stuff like double deckers and twix cos it takes just that little bit longer to eat!

toya said...

I love dove dark chocolate, I prefer a high cocoa content, lol

Paula said...

Oooh, chocolate, drool drool. My favourite, far too hard to pick one, but I'm with Ann on the caramac bars, delish. If I could only have one though, it would have to, I can't do it, lol!

Jaffers said... it wrong to say I'd rather have crisps?If I do ever have chocolate, I like Thorntons Lemon Parfait Mousse bar thingees...fluffy and lemony!

Jen said...

Hee hee a conversation about chocolate - just up my street! I used to love the Terry's choc orange but now find it too greasy. I love anything Cadbury's because I missed it so much growing up in France. I love choc buttons especially cos I'm a kid at heart. In France they eat a lot of dark choc so I choose 70% cocoa Lindt or something, and it's delish stuffed in a bit of baguette - the true original Pain au Chocolat French kids have for their gouter (tea). I also have quite a thing for Galaxy... But I think the one bar I do buy more than everything else is Twirl - like my old fave Flake but more of it. Mmmm. I'm a bit peckish now! PS OOoooh Caramac YUM!!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Another Green & Blacks fan - we always have plenty in! My fave is currently the Butterscotch, but I also love mint, and maya gold and... well, all of them!

I also adore Hotel Chocolat. And the very naughty people have just opened a shop in Plymouth. I popped in today and it's likewalking into Heaven... A verrrrry expensive heaven LOL

Kirsty said...

i like bogies covered in galaxy.

protein in its most purest form

Ann(i)e said...

I always give Kinder a 10 out of 10....really truly love it!! It seems like such a special treat to me (still) since we can't it in the states!

Ann(i)e said...

Oh, and I second Fiona...LOVE LOVE LOVE Hotel Chocolat!!!!!!!!!

Shirley said...

I got to be Cadburys for me, when I actually have chocolate that is, Like Jen I'd rather have a pkt of crisps or some garlic bread!

Cannot stand Galaxy, Had a freebie Green and Blacks the other day (buttercotch) was nice, but I would buy a whole one!

tlawwife said...

I do love Hershey Kisses. When we are in England we stock up on Kit Kats because they are much better than our American ones.

queenofstash said...

see - you post about chocolate and get 16 responses!!

um...... mars bars from the fridge (such a chav!)

pigglet said...

i love chocolate in any form, but my fav has got to be a big bar of anything my dh doesnt like cos that is the only way i get to eat it all. lol i swear he sniffs it out i like to eat a square or two and then back in the fridge for later unfortunatly sniffer man enters and the choc is no more. lol mind you i love ben and gerrys cherry garcia and he doesnt so i get all the choc chunks to myself hee hee.

Debbie said...

Oh Lord how do you choose just one favourite choc ... love anything with nuts/praline/plain choc/toffee ... so you see I'm a bit of a loose woman when it comce to the big "C" lol

Ali said...

I was a Green and Black's almond fan, but I just tried a freebie of Butterscotch - mmm, new favourite! You have to try some.

Soozcat said...

Hi there!

Our American chocolate--at least the kind that can be picked up at the supermarket--isn't anywhere near as good as what you have in Britain, sad to say. But there are a few goodies here and there.

Of the supermarket chocolate, I probably like Dove dark chocolate bars the best, followed by Skor or Heath bars (mm, crunchies).