Monday, June 11, 2007


I am SO tired; my friend and I managed to get lost coming out of London in the car last night, and ended up on the North Circular, rather than the A40; I think the delay cost us about 3/4 of an hour, and we didn't get home until 1.30. Consequently, I am ready to fall into bed, and as soon as I've done this, that's exactly where I'll be heading! George Michael was fantastic, totally lived up to my expectations, and delivered a superb show. The new Wembley Stadium is great, really well-marshalled, a good police presence, and the provision of trains at Wembley Park after the concert was amazing - hordes of people streamed into the station, and there was no jostling on the platforms or sardine-packed carriages - it was a totally stress-free, enjoyable experience.

On to other things, and I was volunteering at Rainbows tonight to make Father's Day cards with the girls. I had to keep to a very simple design, as it needed to be do-able by 15 five and six year-olds in roughly half an hour. The girls came up trumps, and produced some lovely cards, which I'm sure will be much appreciated and well-received this coming Sunday.


The prompt at her space:my space today is 'me'!! I was waiting for this to come up, and I don't think I photograph particularly well, so it's always a bit of a challenge trying to get a half decent shot!! This is the best I can do with the raw materials available!!!


Night, night, all - I'm off to my bed!


domestic goddess said...

oh i love those cards,i think i will get my girls to make these, thanks for saying Hi to GEorge for me, mwah xoxooxo

Ruth said...

I love your cards and your photo! Very nice to see you.

Maria said...

Fab cards and a lovely photo.

The new Wembley sounds a great improvement on the old one.

Happy Tuesday xxx

Jolanda said...

Nice to see YOU!
Love the cards and if you're tired you just can do the prompt of today!

pokettiger said...

Fantastic cards - how fun! Great photo of you too! So nice to meet you. I can see such a resemblance between you and your daughters.

Trish said...

Jo, I think you photgraph wonderfuly, you sexy thang!!!!! xxx

Angela said...

What a lovely photo of you, fab smile :-)