Monday, June 04, 2007

*...a lovely day*

The girls' school had a teacher day today, so I had the pleasure of their company for one last day before they start back for their final half-term in years 2 and R. We had F's friend V for the day as well, and I decided to push the boat out and invite another three people (2 kidlets plus my friend Sue!) to lunch. Had a very relaxed day, no arguments, no squabbling, which is always a bonus!!

The day was off to a grand start with the arrival of a parcel for me that I had totally forgotten was on its way. I was lucky enough to win the draw on Suzanne's blog when she made her 100th post, and this morning I received the most wonderful pizza box stuffed full of gorgeous scrapping stash, together with a 'champagne and roses' scented sachet. I love and will use it all - thank you, Suzanne, you made my week!


On to other things, and the beanstalk, as stated in yesterday's post, continues to grow at some speed. We had another photo shoot with it today, and, as you can see, it really does need a new pot and a stake quite urgently. One of the jobs on my 'to do' list for tomorrow.


A is very pleased with its progress!!

A came to me this afternoon, whilst F was quietly drawing and colouring, to ask whether she could borrow some saucepans and a couple of wooden spoons. The suspicious mother instinct kicked in, and I decided I needed some further information before granting or denying this wish. I had visions of unspeakably messy potions being mixed up in the garden - not that I mind that, but not with my best saucepans and spoons that I'd like to use again!! Turns out she and V wanted to form a band, V playing F's 1/2-size violin, and A on drums. And a beautiful racket they made, too!!!


Just a little reminder for the thousands who missed it - anyone posting a comment on yesterday's '100th post' entry by 7pm on Friday evening will have their name entered into a draw for a little goody bag, so if you've visited but haven't commented, what's stopping you?!!


Charlotte said...

Wowzers, are you sure you and A aren't cheating with the beanstalk! You must be able to see it growing :D (btw Simon has reverted back to his childhood and is growing sunflowers!)

jake said...

My link to you stopped working ages ago - so glad I found you through your new venture!

Good luck! it's lovely to see photos of your lovely family again and chuckle at your funny stories :-)

Roz Roz said...

that is some pile of booty, well done. how fast is that plant flipping growing????

Maria said...

Wow, that beanstalk has grown!!!

Sounds like a lovely band and I'm sure you enjoyed every second of it.

Happy Tuesday xxx

greyparrot said...

good grief! That sure is a giant finding beanstalk!

Joy said...

HI, Joanna, waving :0) fab pictures!!!!! really love pots and pans one

Sweetgirl said...

great RAK you recieved today. looking forward to see what you have made with it

Jen said...

Gosh sorry I haven't visited for such a long time. Look at Anja's beanstalk !! LOL I'm having fun catching up. Love the "photo of child on toilet"... tee hee I have several of my niece and nephew in the same position - very easy when they're not going anywhere...