Saturday, June 02, 2007

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It's been so long (again) since I blogged that I won't even attempt a round-up of our activities and notable happenings of the past six weeks or so. I'm hoping to drop seamlessly into blogging again, and the aim is that it'll feel like I've never been away!

A was off to a party this afternoon, so F decided yesterday that whilst A was gone, she would like to make some 'shaped' biscuits. On further enquiry, I discovered that that meant that she wanted to be let loose with my stack of pastry cutters, so I dug out a shortbread recipe, and crossed everything that the resulting dough would be rollable and cuttable. Thankfully, it was both these things, and the results were really pleasing. It's a while since I made anything that required me to 'rub in', but I remembered that it takes cool hands and a degree of patience, both of which are sometimes in short supply in our house. Anyway, as F had decided that she wanted to make chocolate shortbread, and I prefer the plain variety, we thought we'd make a batch each, and do each step together. I was really surprised at how adept she was at the rubbing in - she persevered with it, and eventually had a lovely crumbed mixture:



We added some cocoa powder to F's mixture to give the desired chocolatey taste, and these are the fruits of our labours:


And very tasty they are, as well!! A quantity has already made its way to mum and dad's house, courtesy of my sister, who was more than happy to take a doggy bag away with her this evening.

We ended our day with a post-Dr Who impromptu photo shoot in the garden. The light wasn't great, but I still managed to get a couple of shots that I really like.


I'm not sure exactly what Ed was doing behind my back, but whatever it was, it was cause for much hilarity...still, I got my own back on him by insisting that he join the girls (and the dog!) for a few shots, as we have woefully few photos with either of us in.


I just really like this.

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suebaru said...

Doh! I missed this post when I commented on the other one earlier! Gorgeous photos and the shortbread looks yummy!