Tuesday, June 05, 2007

*not taking life too seriously!*

Taking photos in the garden this afternoon, and it seems that A has a compulsion to stick out her tongue for almost every frame; I had the camera on rapid fire (or whatever the technical term is!!) and managed to get some half-decent photos, but for every half-decent one, there are maybe nine or ten with tongue out!! She is certainly one of life's jokers, and seems to thrive on making people laugh. F, on the other hand, whilst she does enjoy making people laugh, she also has a very earnest and sedate side to her nature. As I've said before, they are polar opposites, and I wouldn't have either of them any other way. Here are a couple of photos from today:



I have long admired the photography skills of Kirsty Wiseman and Anita Mundt and have today taken the plunge and joined their happy band of followers, and am going to try and keep up with their prompts in a bid to test and improve my own photographic skills. Here is my effort from today, which I'm not altogether happy with, but having to turn the basket upside down to photograph it at least gave me an excuse to clear out all the cr*p that had accumulated in it, on top of the fridge!!!


And lastly, for today, have you checked out It's A Creative World lately? Maria has posted a great entry today showing how to turn an ordinary, plain old shed into a bijou pad for the little people in your lives (or somewhere to escape to to craft/read/sleep!!) Go and have a look!


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Love that spiralling basket! Cool!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot - welcome to the group!

Tech said...

I like that - I'm a sucker for spirals!

Nat xxx said...

Ooh I like the weave on that basket! Great idea to turn it upside down :) xxx

Kirsty said...

thanks for playing jo-beans xx
Love to the girls

Trish said...

Jo, your girlys are lovely. the baskets piicy is cool hun xxx

suebaru said...

More gorgeous phots of your girls!