Tuesday, June 12, 2007

*no news Tuesday...*

Not much happening here today! Had a very easy job of it with the prompt at her space:my space, 'tired', as I look after my friend's 10 month-old daughter on Tuesdays, and she always has a good sleep whilst she's here!!


Yes, I probably should have cleaned the Weetabix off her mouth!!

A dug out a game this afternoon, Play Doh Operation, and the girls set about making a heart, intestines and all sorts of other bodily parts for their patient. A made him a good set of "glungs", as she calls them!


They then attempted to scratch a hopscotch board onto the patio slabs, but I think I'm going to have to dig out some chalk, because it was very feint. Didn't deter them from having a go, though.



Lying on the lawn taking photos looking upwards!

We have a beautiful shrub/tree-type thing in our garden, which is covered in blossom at the moment. My mum thinks that, from memory, it's some variety of spirea. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd be pleased to hear them.



pokettiger said...

What a sweet "tired" photo. Well done!

Jo said...

Such a sweet "Tired" photo....and haven't you got gorgeous girls?!

Rachael said...

I'm not sure if your plant is a spirea or not. Spirea usually have small flowers on them very tightly packed together and smallish leaves. The white spirea is called bridal wreath. It looks like a bush with flowers down to the floor usually with double flowers. The one you have has single flowers. If you take a picture of the whole bush and post it I can ask my Mum what it is - she's pretty good with plants.

joy said...

aw :0) what a gorgeous photo... making me broody! and the hopskotch pics are fantastic x

Maria said...

Lovely piccies and I got distracted by *stuff* on my screen. Read on to find out it was the weetabix.

Happy Tuesday xxx

suebaru said...

Slow down, I'm not used to you blogging so often!! Love the photos!

Marjolein said...

Oh, what a great picture!! Your girls are sweet!!! And that flower, looks a lot like what I have here and I really don't know what it is. You can find it on my other blog (see profile) post of last weeks Thursday!

Nat xxx said...

Wow! You're photos are all so wonderful - you've really got a fab talent for photographing children, the shots are so vibrant and full of life! Todays tired photo is adorable! xxx

Ruth said...

I love looking at your photos, they're always so full of life!

Jen said...

aw, beautiful tired photo! and i love your other photos too!

Celeste said...

I've got the same plant in my garden. I think it's a mock orange. I may well be wrong though, it was there when we moved in, and I'm not the best with plants.

Mine is absolutely loaded with blossom and it grows in with the honeysuckle both smell delicious.

Anonymous said...


The bush is a 'Boeren Jasmijn'