Thursday, August 24, 2006

*a bit flat...*

We're all feeling a bit flat this morning. I think we had an excitement overload yesterday, and we're paying the price today. Luckily, Freya has an outing today with three of her friends to 'Party in the Park' in Evesham - her friend Chloe's mum is taking all four of them with a picnic and their swimming gear, as there is a little water park - not a pool, just wet activities to run through! And there is a whole host of children's entertainment scheduled, so if this fine weather holds (keep everything crossed, please!) they will have a good day. Anja and I are going to play with some of the presents she had for Freya's birthday - she had a couple of sets of Top Trumps, having been taught how to play last week by Uncle Richie, and a bead set for making jewellery, so we will see how we get on with those.

*later that same day*

Do the animators at Pixar sit and work with one hand on the mouse and the other with thumb firmly in and sucky tightly gripped??!! I very much doubt it, but I was watching Anja with much amusement this morning as she ably manoeuvered her way around the CBeebies website, all the while furiously sucking her thumb!!!


Freya had a fantastic time at 'Party in the Park' with her three friends, and Chloe's mum; she returned to the fold at quarter to four, having had her face painted, and unfortunately, once I'd taken some photographs, I had to wipe it all off before her swimming lesson. She was resigned to it - luckily, one of the friends she'd been with today is in the same swimming class, and had also had to lose her painted face.



Debbie said...

Aw schucks huni .. sorry to hear about the general flatness but the plan for the day sound FABULOUS! WIll be crossing everything the weather holds for the wet play and can't wait to see pics of the Anya beadwork on tomorrows blog!

Maria said...

Sounds like a fun day. Hope the weather holds out it's pretty soggy here in Surrey today.

Have fun

Love M xxx

Kirsty said...

aaaw sorry you had a bummy day. i get that a LOT!! But Im so upbeat today so Im sending you some fabulousness to see you through till bedtime.

scrapdolly said...

Love that picture of Anja sucking her thumb and Freya's face painting is so cute

Now how the heck do you post more than one picture a day I NEED to know (Mind it often wont let me even do one!)

Debbie said...

Just seen your update ... gosh what a STUNNING pic of Freya nad lil' Anya looks adorable at that computer.

suebaru said...

Gorgeous photos!