Saturday, August 19, 2006

*lazy day*

Am having such an incredibly lazy day today; Ed roped Richie in to taking the girls to see 'Cars' at the cinema, which the girls thought was "amazing", but which Ed declared to be half an hour too long, whilst I sat at home reading the paper and generally doing not very much!! There is an interesting article about multiple births in the Family section of today's Guardian, cautioning against the belief that once you've had one set of twins (without medical intervention) you are unlikely to have another set - the writer of the article was of this view, and now has five children under four - a three year-old daughter, twin boys aged 22 months, and newborn twin boys!!! She has managed to find a quad pushchair in New Zealand...

*later that same day*

Have just been treated to a wonderful rendition of 'Daniel' by Elton John from Anja on her little piano - I sing this to her sometimes when I'm putting her to bed, and she has obviously picked it up!! I am going to try and capture her on tape (the audio at least) but she only sings with her door closed (because she thinks we can't hear if the door is closed) so I am going to have to be quite crafty to pull it off.

*Gratuitous daughter photo alert*

Freya and Anja 19.08.06

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


suebaru said...

Gorgeous pic of your girls - enjoy the rest of the weekend (does it seem different from any other day in the holidays?! )

Jennie said...

Hi Jo, just stumbled across your new blog. It's great to see you blogging again. Lovely pics of your girls

Jen said...

What gorgeous girlies. Love that song - Clever girl!!