Wednesday, August 16, 2006

*fingers crossed for a fine day*

It is looking a little overcast and murkily grey at the moment; I am crossing everything for a fine day, so that we can picnic in the great outdoors with Debbie and her girls, and Debbie's cousin Jane, who has two little girls. Between the three of us, we have eight little girls to entertain for the afternoon - what a lovely prospect! Am off now to finish preparations - last-minute tidying and packing a picnic for 11!

Further excitement this morning - my fabric has arrived from reprodepot, and it is *lush*!!! I am so impressed with their service - I ended up getting a refund on the shipping cost as the amount I'd paid was $10 more than the actual cost, and I had an email yesterday to tell me that the difference had been refunded back to my card. Excellent customer service - it took less than a week to get here - ordered last Thursday and arrived today.

Another *toot* for excellent, speedy service has to go to Jaq, one of my scrapbook pals who has set up an online business selling the most beautiful silver/bead jewellery - I ordered this pair of earrings yesterday, and they arrived this morning, beautifully packaged, and are absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely be ordering from Jaq again - perfect gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

*later that same day*

Have had such a lovely day with Deb, her cousin Jane, and their children; Freya and Anja had an absolute ball with so many other little girls to play with. The rain held off, despite the ominously looming grey clouds, and although it got a little chilly at the playing field, we were able to picnic and play for a good few hours before we headed back for a welcome injection of caffeine (Debs and Jane, not me!!!) They are now on their way back to Cardiff, and I have two tired and happy little girls who will sleep very well tonight. Here are some of my favourite photos of our day - the li'l Jewells and the li'l Seymours got on like a house on fire.

Kate, Freya, Hannah 16.08.06

Freya, Sarah 16.08.06

Emily 16.08.06

Anja 16.08.06

Top one is of Kate, Freya and Hannah; next one is of Freya and Sarah; next one is of the divine Miss Emily; and the last one is of my delicious Anja Mabel!

We had a lovely day, Deb - we must do it again soon.


Cath said...

Have a great day today!!!!!!!

suebaru said...

So glad you had a fab day! Eight girls?! Bet they had a whale of a time, those photos are great!xx

Jen said...

What perfect pictures! Glad you had fun. And those earrings look gorgeous. I'm definitely going to be ordering a bracelet to celebrate the first pay packet LOL

Anonymous said...

Wahooo - hi darl ... just back on line and catching up - wednesday was FABULOUS fun ... thanks for entertaining us all - I have some fun pics to e-mail and will do so as soon as I get organised.