Sunday, August 13, 2006

*a new home*

*welcome* to my new home!

Thank you Ed for my new banner - I love it!

It will take me a couple of days to update my new blog and get it looking exactly how I want it to look, but in the meantime, thank you for stopping by, and please do check back again soon!

*later that same day*

OK, so I'm settling into my new home here at blogger, and I thought I would post a couple of piccies of some delicious fabric I've ordered from a fantastic site in the US - - I am hoping to start sewing and scrapping again as soon as I have sorted out my crafting space, which is currently overflowing with all sorts of bits and pieces that need to be seriously rationalised. Here are two of the designs I'm waiting for - they're 100% cotton.
Aren't they yummy?!! I am hoping to make little 3/4-length trousers for the girls with them - I just hope I've ordered enough!!


Jen said...

Ah! Glad you have a new blog - I was beginning to think I had the wrong address for you... Thank you for your comment on mine :)

ukali said...

Hi hun - glad to see you blogging again:) Hope you're all well?

suebaru said...

Ooh yum, love the fabrics,happy sewing!

Jo said...

Oooh yum!!! Love that fabric!

Megan said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Joanna, and this material is just lovely.