Thursday, August 17, 2006

*a quiet day, today*

After all the excitement of yesterday, we are having a much quieter day, today. Freya has Dani here for the day, and Freya has a birthday party to go to this afternoon. I am tasked with doing all sorts of little jobs that I have been putting off doing, for no good reason other than that I just couldn't be a*sed to do them!! Mostly, these little jobs involve packing up presents, writing cards, and putting them in the post, and a couple should have gone ages ago. Eek - I hope the recipients are of the view that it's the thought that counts...I am not normally this disorganised. Why do I buy presents, then not wrap and post them? I need to get them out this week, as the Royal Mail are bringing in new rules from Monday 21st August about the cost of posting packages, dependent upon size now, as well as weight. Size didn't used to be a factor, but it will be from Monday. I don't normally penny-pinch, but it would seem to make sense to get in the post any packages that are ready to be sent!!

My Wee Wonderfuls 'put-together' booklet is here, with patterns for a cat, rabbit and bear - if I don't retrieve my sewing machine from mum and get started on these, I think Freya will spontaneously combust! Now that she's seen the pictures of the finished dollies, she's even more determined that I should make a start on her cat as soon as possible!! Aren't they lovely?

Back later!

*later that same day*

Richie came round for tea and taught the girls how to play Top Trumps with a set of Star Wars trump cards!! Anja beat him soundly the first time they played - I don't *think* he let her win, she was just very adept at choosing her trumps!!! The look of concentration on her face at times was a picture - she was taking it all very seriously.



Made a chilli from scratch for tea, using some fresh chilli peppers, home-grown in Harvington, though not by me. It was SO much nicer than using the packet chilli mix - much tastier and no artificial aftertaste! I took some photos of my ingredients before I started but I think food photography is a particular art for which I have zero aptitude at this point - something to work on, as I love seeing foodie photos on blogs.


Anam said...

WOW!! fabby patterns - am jealous.

as for post - canadian post is bith weird and expensive and doesnt travel fast at all - 4 to 7 days for local post. count your blessing.

Jen said...

Such cute pictures! Love those animal patterns - I'm thinking of buying that book for my sis for Christmas. Show us yours when you've made 'em!

suebaru said...

Love those photos Jo - your girls are so cute!

Herge Smith said...

And he's a handsome, if somewhat 'fat faced' fella.

although from the look of him he'd never EVER be beaten at a real game of Star Wars top trumps - and that Anja looks like a total cheat.