Tuesday, August 15, 2006

*the ironing mountain...*

...is no more!! Ahhh, I have finally cracked the ironing mountain which has been stacking up in the bedroom for the past few, dare I say it, *months*, but this morning I decided I could ignore it no longer. I should have been cleaning my house in preparation for Debbie's visit tomorrow, but I am going to have to do that this evening. I feel a certain sense of satisfaction at having cleared all of the ironing - I know, sad, isn't it??!! When I am rich and famous I will farm out my ironing... I will be back later with more tales from my day - I am awaiting the return of the girls from granny and poppa's, and doubtless they will have had all sorts of exciting adventures. Can't wait to see them, and they've been gone less than a day.

*later that same day*

My girls are back! And they have had such a lovely day. They were treated to a pub lunch at The Swan, lucky girls, and then spent the afternoon at the National Birds of Prey Centre, at Newent. I have had some very earnest tales of owls that live underground, big 'birdies' eating chicks, snakes and spider webs. They are now both exhausted, as evidenced by these thumb-sucking photos just captured:

I think they will both be having an early night tonight - I am not going to remind them of Debbie's impending visit tomorrow, as I don't want to heighten their excitement levels when they obviously need a good night's sleep!!


suebaru said...

Ironing mountain? I have one too...it will hiding in my bedroom on Friday though!
My girlies have been to Tiggywinkles Hedgehog hospital with their Nan & Grandad today! Don't they just get the best days out ?!Have a fun day tomorrow!

Herge Smith said...

Sod Debbie - what about having a clean up for my visit!?!

It's me you love.

Marianne said...

Ironing is my pet hate....I try to avoid it at all times. Arrrggghhh! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)