Friday, August 25, 2006


Yay!! End of the week, and a long weekend in prospect with the Bank Holiday on Monday. I am sad that the girls have only one more week left at home before school starts again on September 5th, but we have had such a lovely summer holiday, and I'm sure that by the time the 5th rolls around, they'll be ready. As Anja is going in to Reception, she has a staggered entry - she's in for a morning here, and then an afternoon there, then a couple of full days, but she's not properly full time until about September 21st, so she and I will have a bit longer at home. It is another glorious day here; blue sky and wispy white clouds. This is the scene in the field beyond the back garden - it is all very quiet and peaceful.

field 25.08.06

I think we will go for a walk this afternoon.

*later that same day*

It stayed fine all afternoon, and we were able to go for a little walk, taking in the village shop for Friday treat en route, and I snapped this photo of the girls, with Freya's friend, next to a good old fashioned red telephone box!!! I have pixellated Freya's friend's face, as I haven't asked her mum if it's OK to post her photo on here.

girlies 25.08.06

I have discovered a website that could become very addictive if I spend too much time browsing there; Swap-Bot is set up to administer all kinds of swaps - I have signed up for the Tea Cup Swap #6, the last day for sign-up for which is today, so if you're interested, get your skates on! I am also very tempted by the Red & Aqua Swap, but I am holding fire on that one for the time being, whilst I suss out the logistics of the tea cup swap!! It seems like a nice way to get little surprises through the post - I have just bought a beautiful bone china cup and saucer for the tea cup swap on eBay, and it's something I would be delighted to receive. There are stationery swaps, collage swaps, ATC swaps, hot chocolate and a good book swaps - all sorts of lovely things!! Check it out - you might find something to grab your fancy.


Maria said...

Do you know I've spent all day thinking it's Thursday? What a ficko flynn I am.

Enjoy what's left of the holidays with your girlies.

Ooh, that a lovely view from your garden xxx

queenofstash said...

oh I have a feeling I am going to regret looking at that site...

domestic goddess said...

oo what a lovely idea on the swap site
red telephone boxes are a thi9ng of the past, so good to see one!