Tuesday, September 05, 2006

*and off she goes...*

Confidently, skipping down the drive this morning, hand-in-hand with daddy. Freya was happy and excited when she left the house - long may it continue.


freya first-day-05.09.06-2

Hope everyone else starting back today has a fantastic beginning to the new term!

*later that same day*

Well! Freya had a fantastic start to the new term, and came home full of beans, and very chatty, telling us all about her day. I spent the day making final preparations for Anja's first day tomorrow - sorting out her PE kit ("what's PE, mum?") - she, meanwhile, has 'packed' her book bag: flashcards (her 'key words'), books, top trumps cards (2 packs), a little pair of trousers ("painting trousers, mum"), her legitimate painting smock, pens, pencils...it weighs a ton, and she can carry it for about five steps before having to put it down!!! I am going to indulge her, and let her take it all tomorrow, as I am in with her tomorrow morning - yes, we parents are obliged to stay for the morning!! - and then I'll explain that she needs to leave most of it at home. She was too excited to sleep this evening - I thought she'd never go. I have been instructed to tie a blue ribbon on her book bag so that she knows which one is hers when they're all together.

Sweet dreams, all :)


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Awww! Look at her :D Yarrow doesn't start until next monday so I have a few more days yet..

Maria said...

She looks so cute. My girlies had those shoes I lurve them they are so sweet.

Looking forward to seeing Anja tomorrow xxx

kirsty said...

glad she had a skip in her step - she looks so grown up

Debbie said...

Fab first day back at school pics darl'. Glad she enjoyed it so much. Will be thinking of you and Anya tomorrow ... ENJOY!

Maria said...

So pleased Freya enjoyed her first day.

Good luck for tomorrow Anja xxx

queenofstash said...

awwww bless she looks so cute and good luck Anja for tomorrow!!

suebaru said...

Gorgoeus pics! Hope Anja has a fab day tomorrow too!

deb said...

She's just adorable.. the little tilt of the head.. too cute. :)