Sunday, September 03, 2006

*two weddings...*

Not as a guest, I was there to work! Since giving up my day-to-day job as a registrar of births, deaths and marriages in May in order to spend more time with the children, I have done the odd bit of cover here and there for my employers on an 'as and when' basis, which basically boils down to me working when I want to, and not when I don't!! Anyway, I had the opportunity to officiate at two weddings this afternoon, one here, and the second here. Both went very smoothly; I registered the first one (did all the legal bits, completing the marriage register and certificate) and conducted the second one, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as I haven't 'performed' since the end of July! I have another Saturday this month, and then that's all for September - just enough to enable me to keep my hand in, but not so much that I wonder why I'm doing it again.

The house is again very quiet as both girls are away at sleepovers, Freya at her friend Chloe's house, and Anja at grandma and grandad's, who took pity on her when they realised how cheesed off she was that Freya was going to be away tonight! They are both returning to the fold tomorrow morning, and Freya's friend Dani is coming for the day. Last day before return to school on Tuesday (Freya), and Anja starts in Reception on Wednesday, when mummy gets to accompany her for the whole morning!

I blogged yesterday about my sister and I, and the many photos that I have of our childhood. Sian is only 14 months younger than I am, and we have always been incredibly close. For the past five and-a-half years she has made her home in Sydney, and I miss her more than I really care to admit, to the point where I can't allow myself to think about it too much, or I would be a permanently blubbering wreck! In that time, I have seen her twice, once in 2003, and again last Christmas when she came home for 3 weeks, which was just wonderful. After the photos of yesteryear (!), this is how we looked at Christmas 2005:

sian, jo Dec 2005

That's me on the right!!

Just before I leave, a blog recommendation; the link is in my side bar, so some of you may have visited already. This beautiful blog is kept by Bowie Style, a "designer and trend forecaster with a passion for pattern in all its forms" - it is updated most weekdays, and is just a great stop if you're in need of a little eye candy, or an injection of inspiration. I *heart* it!


Debbie said...

Oh gorgeous pic of you and your sis dahlink. ((hugs))- know the feeling of faraway families.

PS Can't believe your baby is starting school!

Herge Smith said...

She's a looker and no mistake!

Maria said...

Gosh, you are alike such a lovely piccie.

Have fun at school girlies xxx

scrapdolly said...

Jo it must be a wonderful job to marry people - to be a part of their special day. I used to love it when Nij and I did Wedding videos - it was so special making memories for people.

Fab pic of the two of you - it must be very hard being so far away