Friday, September 15, 2006

*proud mama moment*

Indulge me for just a minute, please. I have written previously about my concerns over Freya settling in to school this year, and also about the enormous pressures that are placed on the children at school at such a young age. At Freya's school, they hold a celebration assembly on a Friday morning to which parents and friends are invited; I toddled along this morning, as I usually do, to join in the singing and to share in the applause for any children being rewarded for whatever reason this week. The '*name of school* pig' is awarded in celebration assembly to one child, only if a teacher has put forward a special nomination to the headmistress - some weeks the pig stays at school because there are no nominations. The recipient of the first pig of this school year is...*drum roll, please*...FREYA!!

freya with pig

She gets to wear the piggy badge until next Friday, and the wooden pig that she's cradling in the photo sits on her desk for the week. If there is an award next Friday, Freya has to hand it on to the next person in assembly, otherwise it goes back to the head's office. Her teacher said that she'd been "working her socks off" since the start of term, and that she'd "settled really well" - such a relief.

In other news, Anja, Ed and I have been hard at work in the garden again today, after the rain scuppered any chance we had of getting out there yesterday. I got ten winter pansies free at the garden centre this morning, because I'd spent over £10, so Anja claimed these as her own, and planted them in my blue pots; she has taken to referring to them as "my girls" and has been talking to them, and encouraging them to grow!

anja pots

Do you garden in pink sparkly shoes worn on the wrong feet?

anja feet

We've just about finished the patch at the end of the drive; the grasses are in, and I'm really pleased with how it looks. They should all spread a little to fill in some of the gaps, and hopefully this patch will now require very little in the way of maintenance, just the odd bit of trimming back from time to time, and perhaps some removal of weeds. Because it's a long, thin patch, it's difficult to get a decent photo, but this gives the general idea:


I've also planted up six pots with a variety of daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs for some colour in the late winter/early spring months; I've never planted bulbs before (I am a hopeless gardener) so I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that I've done it properly, and wait to see what happens in February/March!!


Roz Roz said...

Oh Jo, that looks lovely, loving the colour of the garage door, you did a brilliant job on it, might have to get you round to mine. Well done Freya

Paula said...

Gorgeous pictures Jo, and I'm in love with that pink watering can:D Congrats to Freya too! Oh, and mind if I add you to my favs list?

Maria said...

Big yay for Freya - Well done chickerdee.

Love Anja's watering can and I find that wearing my shoes on the wrong feet helps me work.

Love the drive it looks so neat xxx

Jakey said...

Big well done to Freya!

and as for your question: Do you garden in pink sparkly shoes worn on the wrong feet?

But of course dahlink - all the best people do!

scrapdolly said...

I am so pleased for Freya - what a lovely idea to have in school and you must have been bursting with pride.
Your garden looks lovely and as for pink sparkly gardening shoes .... are there any other kind!

queenofstash said...

faberoony well done Freya! what a star!

lurve the shoes, lurve the grass.... !

Anonymous said...

aww thats wonderful . Congratulations Freya!!! :)
Garden looks lovely :)


toya said...

your colors aways look amazing, and congrat to Freya, hard work always pays off one way or another.

Paula said...

Congratulations! :)