Wednesday, September 27, 2006

*normal service resumes*

No post yesterday; I fell on the way down to school to collect the children (how much of a plonker did I feel??!!) and although I thought I was OK at the time, my left ankle swelled up like a balloon yesterday evening, and I was confined to bed with an ice-pack and some paracetamol!! It's heavily strapped today, and I can at least walk on it, which I was unable to do last night.

Anyhoo. Yesterday's mail brought a lovely parcel from America, the fruits of the international tea cup swap I'd taken part in on Swap Bot - I received the most beautiful, delicate Limoges tea cup and saucer, and a canister of pomegranate green tea, which is delish.


Do you like the black raincoat backdrop??!! Must get some black material...

Yesterday's mishap meant that I haven't made my daily visit to any of my favourite blogs, and I will catch up on all my blog stalking tomorrow!!

I've spent the evening making an apron for mum for her 60th birthday, this coming Sunday. With some help from my lovely friend Ali, I think we've made something she'll absolutely love. I'll take some photos in a good light tomorrow, and post tomorrow evening. My lovely scrapping mate Jaq over at A String Of Beads has made a beautiful set of a necklace, bracelet and some earrings for mum, and they are absolutely gorgeous. I'm thrilled, and I know mum will be. Thanks, Jaq :) Will post a pic after Sunday!

Oh! And Happy Birthday, Richie - love ya, darl xxx

P.S. I've been tagged by Rena and Roz; ladies, I will take up the tags (!!) but not 'til tomorrow!! Will have to rack my brains, though, I don't think there's anything weird about me...


jake said...

Got bad news for you babes! - You got tagged by me too.. lol!!

Jk xx

Maria said...

Ouch, poor you with your sore paw hope it's better soon.

Love that cup and saucer and the pomegranate tea sounds delish.

Happy birthday to Mummy and I'm sure she'll love her pressies xxx

toya said...

sorry to here about your fall, I have made some embarassing ones in my lifetime also, so don't feel bad.
I have never had that flavor of tea, hmm, I am more of a mint tea person.
Hope to see more beautiful pics of the girls soon

Debbie said...

Ouch you poor ol' stick! Hope it's not paining you too much tonight hun.
WOW love that teacup .... soooooo pretty and the pomegranate tea sounds delish.
Can't wait to see what you've done with the apron - Hope your mum has a WONDERFUL birthday.

Ann said...

Hope you are feeling better v soon Jo, off to go look at your friends bead site now... dare I?

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Ouch! Sore indeed :( Reminds me of the time I fell flat on my face on the way to the childminder's. It was icy though, so I had an excuse and garnered sympathetic looks from all. Feel better soon *hugs*

Jen said...

Oooh gorgeous!!! Love the cup and saucer and that tea looks so exotic. Sorry about your ankle though, poor you. Take care xx
Can you do me a flavour pls? Can you ask who it was on the Pad who offered to make me a watch and give her my email address so I can arrange to pay her? Thank you! It wasn't Jaq but who?? Sorry!

Jen said...

PS just to add - it's cos I can't get on the Pad till 11th October when I get my internet back. Ta luv! xx