Friday, September 08, 2006

*dog, blackberries, children...*

Yay! Thank [insert appropriate expletive here] it's Friday! End of the first week back at school, we've all survived it just about intact. Freya had a much better day, and came home full of tales of drawing flowers, specifically lilies, and labelling them for a display. She seemed much happier today.

As many of you will already know, I am better known in some UK scrapping circles as Rudishoes; when I first joined UK Scrappers two and-a-half years ago, I think I wanted to retain a little anonymity, so I chose Rudishoes as my user name...after my faithful pooch, the original Rudi(shoes)!! Anyway, since I don't think I've blogged about her yet, I thought it was high time she got a look-in. She'll be 11 in December, and is growing old very gracefully. This is her this morning, playing with her chew toys in the sun, in the back garden:


As is customary in the *blossom trail* household, today was treat day, and after school daddy walked the girls to the village shop to choose their treat. Today was also my deadline for posting some postcards for a swap I'd signed up to on Swap-Bot, so the girls very obligingly agreed to pop my 5 cards in the post box for me on the way to the shop:



Anja wasn't able to reach, so Freya did the honours. Anja has decided this week that she is "too tired to walk" on a number of occasions, and whilst I am a cruel mother, and insist that she walks (or I leave her behind, wailing in the street...), daddy is thoroughly indulgent, and takes the pushchair with him. I call this piece 'Lady Muck':


The title promised blackberries; here are some slightly sad-looking specimens found in the back garden this morning:


We would have had a much bigger crop than the one we've ended up with, but the farmer radically chopped our back hedge a couple of weeks ago, and most of the blackberry brambles went then.

Am off for a walk around the village this evening in an effort to kick-start my exercise regime; am absolutely shattered, but my friend Sue is making me go!! Working tomorrow - 6 weddings in all, 3 at the Register Office, and 3 at hotels.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Maria said...

So glad that Freya had a better day.

Love the 'Lady Muck' picture I was almost expecting a royal wave.

Have a fab weekend and don't work too hard

Anam said...

beautiful photos. your kids are gorgeous.

Debbie said...

Oh my...6 weddings Ms Rudishoes...i think we can safely assume the 9th Sept is a popular date to get married then?!
Gorgeous pics of your lil' women darl (And I include Rudi in that grouping) ... especially love the 'posting pics'- now when will we see them on a layout Missus?

Sue said...

ohhh busy busy lady ..hope you get chance to rest over the weekend. Great photos ..i too love the "lady muck" ..i am sure my 21 yr old would like to do that still !!

toya said...

love your photos, your girls are so cute, wow