Sunday, September 10, 2006

*more blackberries, and a pogo stick*

Freya had a sort of little person's version of a pogo stick for her birthday, with a big yellow ball on the bottom to bounce on, so she has been out in the garden today, desperately trying to achieve more than a couple of bounces before falling off. It comes complete with a variety of irritating melodious tunes and blooper-type noises to accompany said practice, a veritable cacophony to entertain and, no doubt, amuse the neighbours on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. I thought the best way to show her how to do it would be to get on myself, but, in the words of my darling husband, "you'll definitely break it if you get on, definitely..." so I left her to it, and in a surprisingly short space of time she had it mastered:


We've also been blackberry picking in the sunshine this afternoon:



It was great fun!! The blackberries were plump and ripe, and very easy to pick. Anja was going to save hers to have with her breakfast tomorrow morning, but ended up mashing them in the bag and eating the resulting coulis with a spoon - taking great delight in doing so.


This was my paltry collection; I was too busy keeping an eye on three children and remembering to take photos to pick very many - they were sweet and delicious, nonetheless:


I didn't eat the acorns...


suebaru said...

Love that pic of the three of them.And, oops, we sold those pogo sticks in work.....say no more!!

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Great photos. I'm jealous of your blackberries - ours were all finished in August :( Although there were pretty yummy at the time LOL!

kirsty said...

love anja's outfit - and check you out, miss thesaurus with "cacophony" - jeez!!

Maria said...

Love the look on Freya's face with the pogo stick.

Those blackberries look very yummy and Anja appears to be enjoying them xxx

Roz Roz said...

Oh they look scrummy

Megan said...

Mmmm, purple tongue disease.

Jaffers said...

There's good eating in acorns you know... ;-)