Saturday, September 23, 2006

*a snail called george*

Much excitement today as Anja found a new pet; alas, he was only with us for a short while, before being lost in the undergrowth where, it has to be said, he was probably much happier. She was distraught for about 30 seconds and then moved on to the next thing!! I managed to capture these few moments; George was tiny - Anja has small hands, even for a four year-old, so you can see how little our friendly mollusc was!

anja snail

snail george

snail george 2

Note also that Anja is wedded to her Chelsea has been washed!!

We had promised the girls early on in the day that if they were good and gave us a bit of help in the garden, they would be able to have their bouncy castle out early evening. Freya weeded the drive for me - quite happily - and Anja sorted some rocks and stones, and gave them all a good wash! A little bit of slave labour does them no harm. The bouncy castle came out at 6, and they expended what little energy they had left - I don't know where they get it all from. They are sound asleep, and I doubt we will hear a peep from either of them until 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

girls bouncy castle

It's been a beautiful day here - I think it's going to break tomorrow, and I'm glad we spent the whole day outside today. It has been lovely.


Debbie said...

Oh WOW Jo .. brill photo's of George... am picturing a fabulous layout with these Missus! Hmm when we visit I think I'd like to be assigned to Anja's team for garden duties - I'm very good at stone sorting/washing too. But I have to say my fave pic for today is that happiest of happy photos of your little dahlinks!!!!

Maria said...

Lovely to meet George and I'm sure he'll return soon.

Absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of slave labour and washing stones is a very important job.

Really love the piccie of your girlies together xxx

Kirsty said...

anja does insist on the tongue thing, huh!! So funny. I will miss george too - i grew quite attached to him for a moment then!!

Ann(i)e said...

lovely's really the small simple things that delight isn't it?

jake said...

When i was little I had a dolls house in my garden, made for me by a neighbour, it was the exact replica of our old house.

Alas no dolls.. so I rounded up a family of snails - and they lived in there very comfortably indeed!

I even took one to school for the nature table at harvest festival.. much to my Mother's embarrassment Lol!

I can hardly believe it as I HATE snails now.. but it wasn't always that way :-) Hee Hee!

Charlotte xx said...

what a fab name for such a cute little snail :) !

Ann said...

Awesome photos Jo, you must have a fabby camera they are just so clear, am jealous!! I can't do shots like those.. must practice more!