Saturday, September 02, 2006

*children of the 70's...*

Inspired by some of my international blogging cyber friends, particularly Megan, whose 'Flashback Friday' feature has had me in stitches on more than one occasion, I am pleased to bring you an occasional slot which I am calling 'Children of the 70's' (or, more aptly, 'Mother, What Were You Thinking?') I am fortunate enough to have many, many photos of my childhood, due in part to the fact that my grampa was an avid photographer - just family snaps, but he always had his camera with him - and so our childhood was well and truly captured for posterity. This first photo was taken in 1974 - I would have been around two and-a-half, and my sis would have been just over one. Just look at that gorgeous tandem pushchair - I had to perch my terry-nappied bottom on to the tiny seat at the front, whilst my sister luxuriated in the roominess of the back seat!!! What's particularly scary for me is that this could so easily be a photo of my girlies.

jo, sian in tandem, 1974

I have to confess, I do LOVE the coordinating lilac and purple too-short dresses that we are wearing in this pic; I will have to check with mum whether these were crafted by her, as she made 90% of our clothing, with the remaining 10% being hand-knitted by our granny. Readers of my blog from the beginning will know that I have recently purchased some fabric from ReproDepot with a view to making some clothes for the children. Once they are back at school, and I have had a chance to have a proper de-clutter and sort, I will begin the search for an easy pattern.

I'll leave you this evening with another shot from 1974 - this is what happens when your granny is an ace knitter! And check out the Paddington wellies on my sister!!

bobble hats, 1974

Oh, and our quest for school stuff was successful today, shoes, pinafores, socks, vests have all been purchased, tried on, and put away in readiness for start of term on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. You just know I'll be back with 'first day of school' photos this week - sorry to be so predictable!!

Sweet dreams, all.


Megan said...

Those photos are too adorable!

Jakey said...

Hysterical Jo! Actually giggling here... not at you and your sis - just that I remember it all so well!

Luurve the trendy Avocado door btw! My kitchen was avocado... er, and my bathroom... God! How embarrassing am I ? :-)

jk xx

queenofstash said...

Those photos are SO scrappable - and you were such a cutie!! Good old Grandad with his camera!!

Sue said...

LOL sooo cute and so 70's Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!!) i don't have a photo of me in my orange hot pants and platform shoes :)

Maria said...

I particularly love the bobbles on the hat.

And I still have and avocado bathroom. The full monty bath, toilet, sink and floor to ceiling wall tiles. There was also a matching carpet but that had to go!!!

Freya is so much like you xxx

Anonymous said...

my god - that is anja and freya. briliant photos. you are luck to have them xx

kirsty xx

Debbie said...

Love the pics Jo .... espesh the one with the knitted hats .. just fabulous ...

Marianne said...

Great photos! I lurrrrv the beanies! Cuuuute! :)