Wednesday, September 20, 2006

*not a lot doing…*

First official day of ‘freedom’ – I write it in inverted commas, as it feels an odd sort of liberty at the moment. It will take me a while to get used to the fact that I am leaving them both at school at 8.40am and not collecting either of them until 3pm. Very strange. I have used my time relatively productively today; managed to clear the decks in the dining room, and have surreptitiously binned some of the broken toys. I have to do this when the girls aren’t here, otherwise I get a chorus of “we still play with that…” or “that’s my favourite toy…” – if I do it in their absence, they don’t even notice that something has gone. I’ve yet to be caught out, but there’s always a first time!!

When the girls got home from school, the first thing they did was go straight back outside to play in the garden, and there they stayed until tea-time at 6. They had their kites out again, and had a couple of successful launches from the top of the slide; before too much longer I think Ed and I had better take them up the Malvern Hills so that they can have a proper kite flying experience!!

Not many pictures from today, but I took some snaps from upstairs whilst they were fooling around on the swings:


On a more sombre note, I have heard this evening that one of my fave television presenters has been critically injured in a crash, driving a jet-powered car. Get well soon, Richard Hammond - it just wouldn’t be the same without you.


Roz Roz said...

OMG, thats awful, I love Richard Hammond, he is so cute and adorable, had no idea he had been injured till I read your blog, thanks for keeping me abreast with all the current news. On another note, I'm so jealous, the weather in your pics always looks great and I'm sat here with the rain lashing down, mwahahhaa

kirsty said...

how utterly conventional can Anja get on that swing? that little minx makes me howl!

Debbie said...

Oh no Jo ...I love Richard Hammond too! Good on you for whiling away the hours sorting & tidying - wish I could be so diligent *sigh* Fab pics of your girlies as always huni

Paula said...

My post from yesterday never showed up, I wrote about your yucky coffee! Maybe blogger didn't like my thoughts on the fly!

It takes a while to get used to the children being gone all day, but then you might be like me and enjoy the peace and quiet, he hexx

Suzanne said...

I am impressed by you doing your housewiferly duties Jo. Enjoy your days (though it can take some getting used to).

And :( about Richard Hammond too, I do hope that he pulls through okay.

toya said...

I love this photos, so cute, life is so simple when you are a kid, I'm happy you take the time to capture the girls in there natural carefree setting.

Maria said...

Would love to know what Anja was up to. Has she been watching reruns of CSI?