Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*on the 'ice'*

Had a really, really lovely day today with Kathryn and Jasmine. Anja and Jasmine had their first taste of ice-skating, although it wasn't real ice, but the plastic stuff which actually I found really difficult to skate on. Anja loved it; she was concentrating so hard on not falling over, so she had a serious expression on her little face the whole time. Love this one:

anja skating 1

After the skating, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch, which was lovely right up until the point when I found a dead fly in my cappuccino - is this karma for not paying for my coffee last week??!! I nearly saw my lunch a second time round - still feel sick at the thought of it. The waitresses thought it was disgusting, too, and the manageress is sending it to their Head Office with my name and address. She reckoned it must have been in a vacuum packed bag of coffee... Anyhoo...

We had a bit of time to kill after lunch, so we took the girls to the countryside centre for a run-around - they were hyper after their sweet-covered ice-cream desserts. This is my favourite shot from this afternoon:

anja countryside centre

Back at home, the girls were eager to try out the kites Anja and I had purchased at Toy City (home of the ice rink!) £2.99 each - very reasonable, I thought. Here's Freya about to launch hers from the top of the slide:

freya kite

I am now a free woman; Anja is full-time at school from tomorrow. The declutter resumes in earnest, and there is an empty skip to be filled. If you see me loitering at my PC, tell me to get back to work!!!


Maria said...

Love the look of concentration on Anja's face.

I hope Freya's launch went well and I'm sure the kite flew for miles from such a great height.

Have fun decluttering xxx

PG said...

What, they actually sent the fly back? Yuk! Hope you get lots of free tokens - if you feel like going back...
Can highly recommend the declutter, it feels great to have more space and less tat. Don't forget your local Freecycle, for those things too good to be skipped.Sorry, I get very naggy of greeny things!)

Roz Roz said...

yuk, feel sick now as well, don't want a coffee there anymore. why does the monkey have two heads on the Kite?
Enjoy the freedom hunny and get off the pc and go and fill that skip.


Jen said...

Ew!! Hope you get some freebies (LOL at PG - if you actually ever want to go back there!!). Love the pictures. I did ice skating for years - did my knee in "figure skating". Loved it :)

adrienne said...

cute pics! I love iceskating!!!

Ann said...

Aren't your 2 girls growing up fast Jo? (great blog btw) only just getting into it myself, am finding it satisfies the chatterbox in me, although one can never be sure anyone is actually listening/reading!!

And if you are reading this - get off your pc and back to decluttering!!

Ann(i)e said...

Are you kidding me??? My knees get week just looking at pictures of iceskaters! I am quite athletic, but ice skaing is a different experience all together...I'm so pleased (and impressed) that your girls are into it!

Suzanne said...

oh braver than me I just can't get up the courage to go skating. Sounds like you had a lovely family day.

And am jealous cos I want a skip - my DH is a hoarder extraordinaire.