Thursday, September 28, 2006

*just a quickie*

Busy day - honestly, this working lark is playing havoc with my blogging!!!

Haven't photographed the apron yet; will do that tomorrow.

Will also take up the tag(s) tomorrow - I think I've now been tagged by Jakey as well!!

Not working tomorrow - hoorah! Getting ready for the weekend - am going to Kirsty's and Emily's workshops at Crafty Pastimes on Saturday. I am going to be a real scrap groupie and ask Ms Falconbridge to sign my 'Designing With...' books!! Really looking forward to it - going to be catching up with some of my lovely scrapping buds, and meeting some new people into the bargain.

Also making final preparations for mum's birthday on Sunday; the jewellery from Jaq arrived today, and it is absolutely beautiful; I am SO thrilled, it's simply gorgeous. I'm making a coffee and walnut cake tomorrow - it is yonks since I last made a sponge cake, so wish me luck...if it turns out OK, I'll share a pic. Actually, if it's a disaster, I'll probably share a pic, too!!


Paula said...

Have a wonderful time with Kirsty and Emily Jo, hope the cake goes well:)

Maria said...

Hope your sore paw is better now.

Ooh, have a fabby time with Kirsty and Emily and good luck with the cake xxx

Em said...

Coffee and walnut cake is one of my dad's alltime faves. I haven't made it for the longest time. Maybe I'll make him one as a surprise.
Have a great weekend.

charlotty x said...

wow, have a fantastic weekend, the workshop sounds soooooooo good! if you need any taste testers for your sponge cake I'm your woman!

queenofstash said...

enjoy the workshop - bet it will be fab!!! hope the leg is better Debra x